Welcome to Pullman!

Move in for students for fall semester is on Saturday, August 10 from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Once you receive your housing assignment, you will need to sign up for a move in time through your housing contract.

Before You Come to Campus

The Big Day (Aug. 10)

  • Check-in at Beasley Coliseum (Fairway Drive entrance) at your designated move-in time. Don't go to your residence hall first.
  • Free parking will be available in the gray lot next to Beasley. If you travel with guests, they can park and pick you up on North Fairway Road beside Beasley Coliseum. 
  • After checking in at Beasley, you will be directed to your residence hall. There will be unloading zones in front of each hall, with longer-term parking available and transportation staff to help direct the way. (Unload your belongings, park in a longer-term lot, and then return to your hall to finish unpacking and get situated.)
  • We anticipate some short waits during peak hours, but the entire check-in process should take no longer than 20 minutes on average. 

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What's Next

  • Each community has staff available to assist you. Residence Advisors (RAs) are students living on the floors and Residential Education Directors (REDs) are professional staff members with offices in the main lobby. Find contact information and reach out with questions.
  • Visit the Area Desks for assistance any time during open hours. When the desk is closed, you can contact the RA on Duty for help via the phone numbers posted throughout your community.
  • Check out Coug Presence to see events happening inside and outside of your hall.
  • Get out into Pullman and the surrounding community - there's lots to do and see!

Checking In After August 10

Checking in a little later? No problem! You can check in and get your keys at your area desk. Find out which area desk to go to on your hall page

Northside Area Desk Located in Northside Residence Hall (1590 NE Cougar Way, 509-335-0078)

  • Serving: Streit-Perham, Northside, Regents, Global Scholars, and Scott-Coman Halls

Hillside Area Desk Located in McCroskey Residence Hall (1055 NE Campus Ave., 509-335-3087)

  • Serving: Community/Duncan-Dunn, McCroskey, Stevens, Wilmer-Davis, and Elmina White Honors Residence Halls

Stephenson Area Desk Located in Stephenson Central Complex (1265 SE Stadium Way, 509-335-5602)

  • Serving: Stephenson North, Stephenson East, Stephenson South

Gannon/Goldsworthy Area Desk Located in Gannon/Goldsworthy Residence Hall (1459 NE Stadium Way, 509-335-3306)

  • Serving: Gannon/Goldsworthy, Olympia, Orton, McEachern, Rogers and Stimson Residence Halls