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MoveIn Video Visual Description

Move In 2019 Visual Description

[0:00] Volunteers push carts with belongings into a residence hall. Text: Move In 2019.

[0:04] A volunteer carries a box in front of Duncan Dunn.

[0:06] A student and family load belongings from car to cart. Text: 8 AM, Saturday, August 10.

[0:08] Student and families make beds inside of residence hall room.

[0:10] Volunteer pushes cart up ramp. Text: Week of Welcome, Monday, August 12.

[0:13] Person pushes cart filled with items down windowed hallway.

[0:16]: Volunteers pull cart across grass while other volunteers wait by filled carts.

[0:18] Student and family pull suitcases. Text: Sign up,

[0:21] Students enter residence hall room, with items piled around room.

[0:23] Student carries items while family member pushes cart in parking lot.

[0:26] Volunteer hands basket to another volunteer next to vehicle. Text: Unloading areas by each hall.

[0:29] Many people carrying items and walking in front of Duncan Dunn.

[0:32] Move In sign on sidewalk.

[0:34] Two students walk near building, one pushing cart.

[0:37] Students wait at front desk in Stephenson Complex. Text: Check in at the front desk.

[0:40] Student and family member talk with staff member at Global Scholars Hall front desk. Text: Bring your Cougar Card ID.

[0:43] Person pushing cart into Olympia hall with students following.

[0:45] Family member and student push carts up ramp.

[0:47] Volunteer pushes cart with family members walking alongside.

[0:50] Volunteer unloads items from vehicle while talking with person.

[0:52] Volunteer and student push cart down ramp.

[0:55] Parent and student by vehicle, smile and give thumbs up. Text: Go Cougs!